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This is Your Audience

A recent Nielsen survey of CommonSense Media Digital Alliance readers revealed the following:

  • 82% of our readers are between 35 and 65 years of age
  • 58% have household income over $75,000
  • 49% have at least some post graduate level education
  • Most frequently listed professions: arts/entertainment/broadcasting, law/legal, and computer software/programming

In many ways, our diverse readers defy traditional demographic segmentation and behavior. They not only watch The Daily Show and Rachel Maddow, but also Fox News.  They devour books. They’re among the first to see new documentaries and independent films. They attend concerts and travel often overseas. They are life-long learners and new experience-seekers. They care deeply about the environment, education, individual freedoms, fairness and justice.

Getting Involved

CSM readers have strong opinions –informed by a voracious appetite for online news and information, provided by our stellar publisher partners. 

And this audience is getting involved every day.  They sign petitions, contribute to causes and spread the word about issues important to them.

Left, Right, Center, or All-of-the-Above, CSM readers represent the spectrum of political ideas and passions. 

To learn more about our coveted audience of trendsetters and trend-spreaders, contact us.

Our diverse readers defy traditional demographic segmentation and behavior