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Ad Specs

CSM accepts and encourages most standard IAB ad units and specifications, with specific recommendations as follows:

300x250 pixels | Billboard | 40k max initial file size

728x90 pixels | Leaderboard (top) | 40k max initial file size

160x600 pixels max | Tower | 40k max initial file size

300x600 pixels | Half Page | 40k max initial file size

Ad Specifications

  • IAB standard ad units: 300×250, 728×90 and 160×600
  • User-initiated expandables, as well as user-initiated audio, is accepted
  • Video pre-roll is accepted
  • In some cases, we can accommodate other innovative creative options (i.e. skins, sliding billboards, corner peels)
  • Sponsored content may be negotiated
  • Trafficking and reporting through DFP (ad testing, geo-targeting, frequency capping)

Rich Media Requirements

For flash files we host on our CSM servers, we can accept creative as follows:

You will not need to specify your click-thru URL in your flash file; we will take care of that for you. Feel free to cut and paste any of the sample code below into the button section of your flash file to ensure your ad directs people to your target destination.

  • The button action portion of the flash file must read as follows: on (release) { getURL (clickTAG, “_blank”);}
  • For Flash versions of 7 or greater, the clicktag portion of the file must have the TAG in all caps as follows: clickTAG
  • For Flash files below version 7, the variation is not an issue and any of the following are acceptable: ClickTag, clickTAg, clickTAG, etc.
  • Please specify which edition of Flash you used to create the file.
  • Please be sure to send us as well a .gif version of your ad so that we can deliver your ad to readers who, for whatever reason, can’t view flash files. This ensures maximum reach for your campaign.
  • Please keep file sizes under 65kb.

If you need a creative option you don’t see listed here, be sure to contact us to see if we can accommodate your request.


CSM publishers deliver IAB standard rich media formats.

Contact us for details on accommodating your campaign.