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CSM aggregates political advertising, serving one of the fastest-growing audiences on the internet.




"When reaching a politically engaged audience, we trust CommonSense Media. They get the job done right and quickly."

- Blue State Digital


CommonSense Media Digital Alliance

CSM aggregates one of the fastest growing and active audiences on the internet – readers of political news, commentary and issues of the day. 

Be they positioned to the Left, Right or Center, political news, commentary and issues websites and blogs are exploding online. People worldwide are increasingly turning to the internet for their news, commentary and issues "fix."

This contextually aggregated audience personifies “engagement.”  CSM works closely with political news, commentary and issue-specific websites and blogs, matching their highly desired professional content with quality advertisers and campaigns.

Advertisers and agencies with politically-oriented or issue-related messages can deliver their campaigns and calls-to-action to a no-doubt-about-it engaged and interested audience.